Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bowling for Rhinos

For years I've been joining my good friend Rick Wilson at the Maryland Zoo to draw the Animal Ambassadors under his care. He asked me to paint an ostrich egg for this great cause "Bowling for Rhinos" at Baltimore's duckpin alley Stoneleigh Lanes.

Bowling for Rhinos is a national AAZK sponsored fundraiser that supports rhino ecosystems: everything from orchids to sea turtles to elephants.

I've always wanted to try scratchboard and these eggs presented the perfect canvas! I went back to some of my zoo drawings and made two eggs.
This one is Tux, Tails and Ascot, a family of Jackass Penguins.

The other is my personal favorite, Martin the Porcupine!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I was recently honored to paint and draw the amazing Doc for my old band friend, J Robbins. It was a Father's Day and Birthday surprise from his lovely wife Janet. I've done a lot of live drawing sessions, but Doc was the biggest challenge ever! That pup never stops moving.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Maryland Animal Sanctuary Rescue

I was happy to donate a custom portrait to the Maryland Animal Sanctuary Rescue Fundraiser last Saturday at Meadow Mill Athletic Club. Over $3,000 was raised to help shelter animals.
"MAS Rescue is a small not-for-profit group that is dedicated to help unwanted shelter animals whose time has run out and their destiny is deemed perilous. The group is supported by a select few of volunteers who have the same passionate desire to save as many shelter animals as possible. Since 2005, MAS Rescue has rescued and placed over 1,000 dogs and cats in loving forever homes."