Rates and information
To schedule an appointment or for more information contact me at: or call 336-970-3138

My portraits are priced by size and the number of subjects.

One pet, head shot, 12″x16″ $300
Two, head shot or one full body, up to 20″x30″, $475
Three pets, head shot or full bodies up to 24″x36″, $600
additional figures or detailed background $50- $100 depending on complexity

Sumi ink and brush drawings $20 for one sketch or $75 for one hour of drawing.
I draw in sumi ink with brush on paper. A typical session results 6-10 frameable pieces. These can be done live or via photographs. Flickr is great for this!
Photos taken with natural light are best, no flash please. The better an image and higher resolution, the more detail I will be able to capture.
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