About Me

My name is Spoon Popkin. This is what I truly love to do. Capturing the spark of life and character in a pet gives me such joy and satisfaction, it flows through the brush and onto the canvas. Whether it’s a gift for a newly devoted pet owner or a memorial for a pet who is no longer with us, the vitality and energy of your cherished pet will be captured forever.

As a graduate of The Maryland Institute College of Art, cum laude, I have been painting humans and animals for 25 years. I have shown extensively in the Mid-Atlantic region. Using high quality oil paint of canvas, I work in a fluid expressionistic style. When you send me your images to work from, you’ll tell me the small details to be included that make your pet special: a white whisker, freckles on his paw, or her favorite toy.

I am a devoted pet owner myself—I recently calculated that I spend a minimum of two weeks a year, 24 hour days, just gazing into the eyes of my pug Perogi!

I see every portrait as being as unique as the pet is. The challenges of capturing a cowlick or snaggle tooth is what captures me. It’s so much fun!